Processed Fruit & Vegetables

Our Fresh Cuts operation is an automated up-market plant that produces products ready to serve to your guests and prepared to a standard that even the most particular of chefs would be proud of.

We believe that your kitchen staff are better employed creatively that in tedious mind-numbing tasks like cutting carrots. We have machines to do those batons and the machines have no fingers to lose.

If you buy processed product you can calculate exactly what it costs you to the plate and you can achieve it with no risk of injury. The main reason why many chefs and catering managers don't consider it is because they feel that the delay will make the produce less than fresh and that it is more likely to brown or spoil.

We know this is what you fear and we have built a system to avoid these pitfalls. We have an AA rating from the NSW Food Authority and our produce is lab tested and bacteria free. It is processed on the day of delivery, washed, spun and vacuum sealed to prevent oxidation.

We have a standard range of processed produce but also process special orders on request.

You won't be disappointed! Give your kitchen prep time a boost and your bottom line too.

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